Living room «Taya»

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The case – a chipboard of 16 mm in white color.

The facade of the pencil case is 16 mm chipboard in white color, covered with UV varnish “high gloss”.

The facade of the pedestal is 18 mm chipboard in Sonoma Oak color.

Rear wall – HDF.

The total length of the living room is 2.40 m.

It consists of the following elements:

Curbstone bottom – 1 piece, (H / W / D – 45/240/48 cm).
Drawers – 4 pcs. (depth – 38.5 cm, height – 58.5 cm).
Pencil case – 1 piece, (H / W / D – 120/60 / 46.6 cm).


drawers on telescopic closers;
integrated J-handle;
the facade is covered with UV varnish, which provides strength and durability.

Additional information

Dimensions 600x2404x1650 mm