One exemplary domestic manufacturers of furniture, which demonstrates the success of the policy of investing in the production by world standards, modernization of production capacities, new technologies, including energy saving is Ternopil “Furniture factory” NOVA “.

March 1, 1999 opened the first shop “Furniture Factory” NOVA “an area of ​​about 300 sq. M., Which employed 9 people. “Furniture factory” NOVA “staked to the needs of the average consumer, who wanted to buy high-quality modern furniture at a reasonable price. Based on the potential opportunities and needs analysis of the furniture market, it was decided to begin production of kitchen sets. Developed and put into production 12 different models of kitchens.
A new stage in the development of the company began in 2000. For the first time in Ukraine are introduced into operation technology for the production of furniture facades MDF different configurations, as well as heat-resistant work surfaces kitchen sets, facade elements and sills (Postforming).

In 2001, the “Factory of furniture” NOVA “commissioned particleboard laminating workshop class E-1, thereby improving the quality and has reduced cost of production through its own cycle of control.

Focusing on the needs of the market, experts factories in 2002 implemented the technology and manufacturing furniture straps threaded profiles MDF. The production of furniture facade elements such softforminh. Products with an attractive appearance, the number and range of which increased considerably, found more and more supporters.
In 2003 the company all signs considered significant. Accepted into operation a new plant with a total area of ​​3500 sq. M., Increased volume of commodity production 2.4 times. But especially significant was the introduction of a unique technology that allowed for MDF panels to create a variety of three-dimensional image.

Our production employs multiple unique technologies – technology and bending technology in liquid MDF.

Today “Furniture factory” Nova “produces more than 100 kinds of furniture, namely, living room, bedroom, kitchen, children’s furniture, office furniture, tables and chairs in different versions. The company’s management does not stop there and pays great attention to quality control, improve service, reduce the timing of orders, continuous expansion of the range and the introduction of new technologies. In 10 shops factories installed new equipment known highly profitable firms in Poland, Italy, Germany and Romania.
Today in our company the number of employees coming to 660 people, and their own areas involved in production, more than 100 000 sq. M.

In the organization of the production company made a bid for very young team (most employees – with higher education). This is done to destroy stereotypes work. Now the factory workers are training courses where future personnel learn everything from manufacturing processes including the protection of labor, are drawing reading skills, study unified terminology, additional internal standards.

Since 2008, the initiative of the Director General MS Grod, “Furniture factory” Nova “embarked on a phased implementation of quality management systems. This allowed the company to the end of 2011 to implement the Quality Management System, to obtain the certification audit and Certificate Management System according to ISO 9001: 2008.

Quality control is conducted at all levels of production, from the harvesting to the finished product. Periodically control is a collection of articles from each party.

The company products are positioned at the Ukrainian and foreign furniture markets as the optimum value for money. Our range – this is furniture for every room of the house or office. With its affordable price, huge range, variety of styles from classic to modern, products of “Factory of furniture” Nova “popular clients.