Free delivery if ordered for the amount of 15 000 hryvnia!

Do you have your own Internet - shop and need a reliable supplier of a wide range of furniture?

Furniture factory "Nova" offers cooperation scheme for direct delivery – drop shipping. You search for a buyer (by placing information about our products on your Internet - shop) and pass the order to us. The factory takes over producing of furniture, storage and delivery and performs guarantee customer service.

The advantages of this cooperation are:

  • Invest only your time; there is no need to invest your money and no risk for you.
  • No requirement for a warehouse, trading floors and employees. All you needfor a business is to have a computer connected to the Internet to promote the products and execute the order.
  • The factory takes over delivery of furniture and further interaction with the buyer.
  • Your income - a discount of the retail price to you.

Terms of cooperation connected with drop shipping:

1. Placing the Catalog of products of Furniture factory "Nova" on your website.

2. Getting a discount from the retail price. Discount is calculated individually from 15 to 25 percent. Percent of discount depends on the sales volume, ranking and term collaboration.

3. Further cooperation is similar to the conditions of cooperation as our Internet retailer.

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